Welcome to SAM Nordic, Petra!

Welcome to SAM Nordic, Petra!

We are happy to introduce a new team member of SAM Nordic. Petra has been an extra resource for a year and will now join the company on full time basis.

Petra is based at our office in Finland and will work as Responsible Person for the Finnish affiliate. It has been a strange start because of the Corona situation which leads us all to work from home at the moment. But with all digital tools, she has been proper introduced to the work and the colleagues.

Hi Petra! Welcome to SAM Nordic! What did you do before you came here?
– I worked three years as a Hospital Pharmacist in Central Finland. My responsibilities there were GMP, cleanroms, cytotoxics and ex tempore preparations. Before my hospital years I had been working with manufacturing and wholesales in pharmaceutical industry for four years.

What is the most exciting about your job as a Responsible Person?
– This job requires extensive understanding about the medicinal products we are are dealing with, but also about the market environment of the country we are operating in.

What do you look forward to the most working at SAM Nordic?
– Getting to know new people and new countries. This is the first time I’m working with Nordics and Baltics instead of just Finland.

What would you say is the best with SAM Nordic as a company?
– The enthusiasm and strong drive to make things work better. This is definitely not a place where you do the job like it has always been done before.

How does it feel to start by not actually meeting your colleagues face to face, only through the phone or computer?
– This was something that I feared the most before starting, but luckily the it-systems are so advanced, that I have not felt lonely at all. Of course I miss the small-talk and catching-up over lunch very much.

What do you prefer to do, when your not working
– I am renovating a house built in 1950’s, and it seems to be an endless project.

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