Welcome to SAM Nordic, Maria!

Welcome to SAM Nordic, Maria!

We are happy to welcome Maria Lagerqvist as our new Accounting Manager.

As Accounting Manager Maria is responsible for building our new finance department and current accounting in our group.

Hello Maria! So great to have you on board. How did you end up at SAM Nordic?
Thank you. SAM Nordic searched for an experienced Senior Accounting person to build up its Finance department and when I heard about the open position, I immediately became very interested in both the role and the company. One of my drives are to work with something meaningful and this company really make a difference.

I am happy to hear that and off course that we caught you for this position. You already feel like a natural part of this organisation. What do you bring to the table?
I have extensive experience of Accounting and Reporting in different industries. With my experience, structure and my strong goal to build this function it will hopefully lead to added value to the company.

So far, what is the best with SAM Nordic as a company?
The people, the culture, and the great work environment. Everyone is very welcoming and the on boarding has been excellent.

What do you look forward most to, the coming months, working at SAM Nordic?
I really look forward to learning more about the company and get to know the colleagues even more and to create a finance department which will be valuable and very helpful for SAM Nordic.

What is the most valuable thing you learned, so far, in your career?
Dealing with stress in a good way is a very good thing that I have learned, and it probably comes from age and experience, today I feel more secure in my profession.

Where will you mostly be found, when not at work?
In the woods or along the sea, walking with my dog or on the golf course or at the dinner table with family and friends.