Welcome to SAM Nordic, Lisa Gruschy!

Welcome to SAM Nordic, Lisa Gruschy!

Lisa Gruschy is the new addition to our growing Medical Affairs department and is located in Denmark.

Let me introduce Lisa Gruschy as our new Medical  Science  Liaison. Lisa is based in Denmark and has a vast background in oncology and clinical research.

Hello Lisa! So great to have you with us. How did you end up at SAM Nordic?

Thanx, it feels great to be here! When I was approached regarding the position, I became curious. Looking into the company I got lost in the podcast serial of Theragnostic Talks – and I just knew I had to join the SAM Nordic journey.

What do you bring to the table?

I have a long clinical background in oncology research, where I worked for 17 years. The past few years I have had the opportunity to build upon that knowledge by applying experience from roles within sales and marketing in the pharmaceutical business. With my diverse background, I hope to inspire bridging knowledge and adding value.

So far, what is your impression of SAM Nordic as a Company?

I am quite impressed by how the diverse roles are working together at SAM Nordic. I have already gained knowledge from small corners of the business which is far away from my role but has a great impact. Sharing projects cross-functional builds a great culture of team spirit, I am sure.

What do you look forward most to, in the coming months, working at SAM Nordic?

I can’t wait to consume a huge amount of knowledge about Theragnostics from my new colleagues and share my clinical and oncology knowledge with them.

What is the most valuable thing you learned, so far, in your career?

Great successes are not achieved alone.

Where will you mostly be found, when not at work?

You would probably find me in the garden or on the terrace planning new projects for my husband to build😊