Wecome to SAM Nordic, Ranan!
Ranan Agha, SAM Nordic

Wecome to SAM Nordic, Ranan!

We are happy to welcome a new team member of SAM Nordic. Let me introduce Ranan Agha as our new Customer Success Manager. 

Hello Ranan! So great to have you with us. How did you end up at SAM Nordic? 

Thank you! It feels good to be here. I was contacted by the responsible recruiter and became curious about the position. After some research on the company och it’s vision, I became interested and decided that this is something I want to do.
What do you bring to the table? 

I have a background as biomedical scientist. I worked in the Nuclear Medicine Department at Helsingborgs Hospital. Before that, I worked in radiation therapy at Lund University Hospital. I bring experience of Nuclear Medicine examinations and treatments. I was also previously a customer and that is, in my opinion, a strength to have deep understanding what the customer needs.
So far, what is your impression of  SAM Nordic as a company? 

I have not been here long but the impression I got is that everyone here works with each other as a family. Everyone is driven and helpful. Everyone have the same goal and works to achieve it.


What do you look forward most to, the coming months, working at SAM Nordic? 

I look forward to starting to meet customers and being able to help them in the best possible way.
What is the most valuable thing you learned, so far, in your career? 

I have learned to be patient, humble and listen to understand. I have worked with people who need to be cared for and most importantly, they have to feel safe and receive the best possible treatment.

Where will you mostly be found, when not at work?  

Spending time with my family which consists of my husband och 3 children. Meet friends and relatives is also important to me. Last but not least to watch series on TV.