Service background


Medical equipment needs continuous maintenance and calibration checks so that the information your doctor, nurse or physicist will assess and analyze properly. Meanwhile, the equipment must comply with various requirements, so that the device does not become dangerous to the patient or staff. In case of a disruption it is often crucial to act quickly to minimize downtime.

Our goal at SAM Nordic is to provide our customers with the best possible service and offer a service organization with both corrective service and preventative maintenance.

We provide service contracts at different levels, often in close collaboration with the hospital’s medical staff. By signing the service agreement you get a continuous monitoring and control of your medical equipment.

A service agreement includes:

  • Technical advice
  • Annual visits at your site
  • Remote service
  • Records of equipment status
  • Annual calibration, adjustment, and cleaning
  • Replacement units for repair

Please contact our service department for more specific information. or call +46 8 720 58 22

Customer Service in Sweden:

Hotline: + 46 70-981 36 88 (Always open)
Phone number: +46-8-720 58 22
Phone hours : Weekdays kl. 8-17

Contact person: David Lundquist
Complaint by e-mail:
Feedback by phone: max 1 h during business hours, max 2 h after business hours

Service Process