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Hot lab

SAM Nordic offers a complete equipment line from TEMA Sinergie and Biodex.


A various selection of radiation shielding for hot labs are available with for example L-Block shields, mobile radiation shields, tabletop shields, shielded containers, shielded safes, lead building bricks, decay drums and the new Clear-Lead™ Panels, which is the safer alternative for radiation shielding windows.


All lead-lined cabinets are fully shielded on six sides with solid sheet lead. Countertops are stainless steel with backsplash and spill-proof lip. When ordering multiple units for grouped configuration, a unified countertop may be ordered to provide a continuous work surface. Biodex will custom build Lead-Lined Laboratory Furniture after your specifications. Contact us for further information.

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Our range of Tema Sinergie Hot Cells is conceived to meet different GMP needs in conventional Nuclear Medicine: from open Biohazard design to complete isolation.

Flexibility in shielding thickness and handling materials for Alpha, Beta and Gamma Emitters.


Elmat – the automatic system for elution of a Technetium generator.  Elmat is fully compliant with the latest GMP directives and the automatic elution is always performed with a new set of disposables.

µ DDS-A – automatic dose drawing station. It is the first and only automatic dose drawing system that’s been certified as Medical Device (CE 0476), it allows a safe and quick dose drawing for PET and SPECT radiopharmaceuticals through a shielded syringe with no need for any intervention by external operators.