GalliAd is the first Gallium Generator specifically designed for preparation of cold kits. It is approved for our PET-kit SomaKit TOC.

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The GalliAd generator for PET-scanning is an innovative elution mechanism that delivers 1,1 ml volume of Gallium chloride that is easily eluated with vacuum vials. The generator is a “ready to use” system integrating the pre-connected eluent bag inside the generator.

The manufacturer IRE ELiT has developed a new generation of 68Ga generator as similar as possible to 99mTc generator, specifically designed for kit-based method. When accompanied by a cold kit – for example SomaKit TOC, the Gallium-68 isotope is used in oncology for the PET diagnosis imaging of neuroendocrine cancers, particularly difficult to detect at the early stage.

Pack sizes: The radionuclide generators are supplied with the following 68Ge activity amounts at calibration date: 0,74 GBq, 1,11 GBq, 1,48 GBq, 1,85 GBq (20, 30, 40 , 50 mCi). The integrated eluent volume (610 mL) allows for 450 elutions.

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GalliAd is manufactured by IRE Elit and is distributed in the Nordic region by SAM Nordic.