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SAM Nordic partners

SAM Nordic suppliers are chosen with great care in order to ensure the best possible quality of the products we distribute. Our suppliers all have GMP certificates and manufacturing permits from local authorities in each country. They are ISO certified and work in accordance with GDP. If you desire a quality certificate we will send them upon request.

We are always looking for new products and suppliers, in order to help our customers. Today we co-operate with the following companies:

AAA Advanced Accelerator Applications
Advanced Accelerator Applications is an innovative radiopharmaceutical company developing, producing and commercializing molecular nuclear medicine theragnostics.

ACOM Advanced Center Oncology Macerata

ANMI Advanced Nuclear Medicine Ingredients
ANMI SA is a precursor supplier for radiometal labeled radiopharmaceuticals and a global service provider in the nuclear medicine field, located in Liège, Belgium.

Eckert & Ziegler AG
One of the world’s largest providers of isotope technology for medical, scientific and industrial use. The core businesses are cancer therapy, industrial radiometry and nuclear-medical imaging.

IRE Elit, the Institut National des Radioéléments
IRE is a public utility foundation whose main activity is the production of radioisotopes for diagnostic and therapeutic applications in the area of nuclear medicine.

Life Medical Sweden
Life Medical Sweden is a privately held pharmaceutical company who acquired the rights to Adenosin Life Medical in markets outside the USA and Canada.

Life Radiopharma
Life Radiopharma is one of the leading providers of medical imaging services in Europe. They manufacture and distribute SPECT and PET radiopharmaceuticals.

POLATOM is a manufacturer and distributor of the isotopic goods applied in medicine, research and development, industry and environment protection.

ROTOP Pharmaka AG
ROTOP Pharmaka GmbH offers a modern pharmaceutical company with high GMP standards.

Tema Sinergie
Tema Sinergie designs and produces solutions for hospitals, research institutes, universities and industries in the field of ionizing radiation control.

Cancer imaging: The submitted file of IRE ELiT’s 68Ge/68Ga generator has been accepted in 13 European countries
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