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IRE Elit files Marketing Authorisation Application for generator Galli Eo

12 november 2016

Our new supplier of a 68Germanium/68Gallium generator issued a press release last week where they announced that they are filing for a MA for Galli Eo: Fleurus, Belgium November 2th, 2016 – IRE Elit, the IRE subsidiary specialised in the production of radiopharmaceuticals, is pleased to announce the filing of a marketing authorisation (MAA) application with the […]

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Vejle Hospital in Denmark to purchase their 2:nd KARℓ100 PET infusion system

Vejle Hospital, Denmark

11 november 2016

Vejle purchased a second KARℓ100 PET infusion system which will be installed in the end of November, 2016.

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SAM Nordic starts working with IRE Elit, the producer of a new radiopharmaceutical 68Germanium/68Gallium generator

09 februari 2016

SAM Nordic is very happy to introduce our latest supplier: IRE Elit IRE or the Institute of Radioelements is a non-profit foundation, whose main activity is the production of radio-isotopes for diagnostic and therapeutic applications in the field of nuclear medicine. IRE ELiT, an IRE subsidiary, produces several radiopharmaceutical derivatives used in the treatment of certain […]

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SAM Nordics 8th PET-Injector KARℓ100 installed at Gentofte Hospital, Denmark

04 februari 2016

SAM Nordic and Tema Sinergie installed their 8th unit of the PET-Injector KARℓ100 in the Nordic. This installation took place at Gentofte Hospital, Denmark.

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KARℓ100 PET-Injector installed at Jyväskylä Hospital, Finland

18 december 2015

Tema Sinergie and SAM Nordic another PET-Injector system in Jyväskylä,Hospital Finland. KARℓ100 the automatic dose injector for PET- radiopharmaceuticals. This is SAM Nordic’s 7th system installed in our territory.  

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Automatic Elution System for Tc-99m sold to Oulu University Hospital, Finland

01 augusti 2015

Elmat – Automatic Elution System  the ideal solution for the planning of the Technetium elution. Elmat is fully compliant with the latest GMP directives and conceived to be placed inside a Class A GMP cleanliness environment. Its dimension, its user-friendly interface and its adaptability to any kind of  generator present in the market, make Elmat a very interesting instrument for nuclear […]

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Automatic Elution System for Tc-99m sold to Helsinki University Hospital in Finland

01 juli 2015

Elmat – Automatic Elution System from Tema Sinergie. The automatic system for elution mod. Elmat is the ideal solution for the planning of the Technetium-99m elution.

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KARℓ100 PET-Injector installed at the University Hospital in Örebro, Sweden

01 juni 2015

KARℓ100 – the automatic dose injector for PET-radiopharmaceuticals installed at University Hospital in  Örebro.

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