Environment and sustainability

Environmental policy

SAM Nordic adheres to its environmental work in line with ISO 14001:2004. SAM Nordic regards the environment as an important asset and is therefore committed to lessening our impact on the environment. We strive to make a great effort in improving and developing our environmental work. Our environmental policy intends a work that concerns everything and everyone and is based on participation from all employees, our customers, and partners. Minimizing waste not only decreases our environmental footprint but also reduces costs through improved resource efficiency and decreased waste disposal needs.

  • SAM Nordic abides by current laws and regulations concerning environmental topics.
  • SAM Nordic is constantly working to improve within the area of environment and sustainability.
    We encourage options and choose products and services we believe are better and more environmentally friendly.
  • SAM Nordic is collaborating closely with our partners and set demands to obtain clear information and documentation regarding the material and components of the products that we offer our end-customers.
  • We influence and set demands on our partners to constantly enable product improvements.
  • We actively promote waste recycling. Paper, cardboard, plastic, and batteries are recycled according to local municipal regulations. Batteries, color cartridges, and other environmentally hazardous waste are disposed of in dedicated containers (toner cartridges are returned to the sales outlet for processing).
  • We re-use packing and insulation material (e.g. cardboards, cartons, air pillows, styrofoam, bubble wrap, coolant wrap) that we receive from the suppliers to generate an as small volume of waste as possible.
  • We destroy documents, magazines, journals, etc. with a paper shredder to reuse the paper waste as packing material.
  • Packing material (such as bottles, vials, lids, capsules, containers, etc.) for delivery and transport of medicinal products or radioactive sources are all free from PVC (polyvinyl chloride).
  • In our daily business, we strive to prevent and decrease pollution and impact on the environment in form of emissions to air, soil, and water.
  • SAM Nordic has installed a meeting room with video conferencing systems and to facilitate the choice not to travel.
  • Our environmental policy is communicated openly to all employees and other stakeholders.

SAM Nordic’s routines for the collection of waste materials under producer responsibility

SAM Nordic’s transport personnel with ADR certifications (The European Agreement concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road) according to class 7 or other transport personnel with valid qualifications picks up the waste goods for which we are the producer responsible. The pick-up takes place at the hospital in agreement with the healthcare professionals. The collected waste material is then left at an intended collection point by applicable local environmental regulations. The information about the collection to the customers is done via e-mail or telephone.

If a product needs to be replaced, the pick-up will occur in connection with the next delivery of the new product. SAM Nordic fulfills the producer obligation for packaging (SFS 2006:1273) and is affiliated with the national Packaging and Newspaper Collection Service (FTI).

Producer responsibility for batteries

As SAM Nordic is considered a producer, we are required to follow the Swedish Ordinance (SFS 2008:834), which is the Swedish implementation of the EU directive 91/167/EEC on batteries and accumulators and waste batteries and accumulators. SAM Nordic is exempted from this responsibility due to the low sales of products containing batteries under the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency. Annually, we report to the Swedish EPA’s EEB Register (Register of Electrical and Electronic Equipment and Batteries) the number of batteries placed on the Swedish market for the previous calendar year as well as collected and treated quantities of waste batteries.

Producer responsibility for electrical and electronic equipment

All electrical and electronic equipment (EEE) with built-in batteries is subject to two Swedish regulations, the Ordinance (2014:1075) on producer responsibility for electrical and electronic equipment and the Ordinance on producer responsibility for batteries (SFS 2008:834).

Annually, SAM Nordic reports the quantity of EEE and/or batteries that has been put on the market in the previous year but also the amount of waste from other EEE that has been collected and treated, for the previous calendar year.

Producer responsibility for certain radioactive sources

SAM Nordic undertakes to return all exhausted radioactive sources following the producer responsibility outlined in the Swedish Ordinance (SFS 2007:193). The radioactive sources are picked up at the customer site and subsequently sent to the disposal before destruction.

Environmental sustainability goals- Small details that make a big difference

As part of SAM Nordic’s active environmental work, goals and objectives will be set annually in the areas where the company believes to have the greatest environmental impact. SAM Nordic’s environmental goals in 2019 are to focus on energy and transport optimization and to further improve the company’s recycling rate. To ensure that SAM Nordic achieves these goals, these are broken down into activities and minor milestones:

Sustainable supply chain, transport, and green travel

SAM Nordic currently uses two electric vehicles for the distribution of pharmaceuticals and medical devices and equipment within Sweden. SAM Nordic Supply Chain is planning and arranging the transports to keep the transportation costs down for the customer but also to efficiently minimize carbon emissions. To lessen our negative impact on a given destination, SAM Nordic encourages the personnel to travel green by choosing train and/or public transportation both domestic and international to the largest possible extent.

Paper recycling

Apart from recycling all packing materials which are used at transports, SAM Nordic also wants to reduce the number of printed documents by 25%. A statistical report is withdrawn quarterly to keep track of the statistics of the prints that have been made.

Return system of lead containers and coolant wrap

When delivering pharmaceuticals or other products that require lead- or tungsten packaging or refrigerated packaging (e.g. styrofoam boxes and cooling clamps), SAM Nordic will collect these in agreement with the customer.

Follow up on environmental goals

The environmental goals are followed up yearly and are reported in conjunction with the company’s internal revision, see QA-SOP-006 v01 Self-inspections and audit of external partners.


Swedish Ordinance (SFS 2014:1073) on producer responsibility for packaging
Swedish Ordinance (SFS 2014:1075) on producer responsibility for electrical and electronic equipment.
Swedish Ordinance (SFS 2018:506) on radiation protection
Swedish Ordinance (SFS 2008:834) on producer responsibility for batteries.