COVID-19 Coronavirus mitigation plan

COVID-19 Coronavirus mitigation plan

We at SAM Nordic acknowledge the serious impact Covid-19 coronavirus could potentially cause on our business operations, and most importantly on our employees and the society as a whole.
To minimize the impact of Covid-19 coronavirus, we are closely monitoring and following the recommendations from the World Health Organisation (WHO) as well as the local Public Health Agencies, ensuring that our business operations completely consider all known risks.

In order to take full responsibility as a company we have imposed heavy measures in our daily operations. We believe that social distancing is key to reduce the risk of the Covid-19 coronavirus spreading.

Steps taken by SAM Nordic to mitigate the risk of spreading:

  1. We have imposed a temporary business travel ban for all employees that apply to both domestic and abroad travel.
  2. Physical meetings are not to be held and they should be replaced by digital/phone meetings.
  3. We encourage all staff to work from home and only our warehouse is open under limited hours only to send pharmaceuticals to our customers and receive shipments from our suppliers.
  4. We have a Business Continuity Plan and the management team will activate the plan in the event of a sustained outbreak.

Current activities carried out by SAM Nordic:

  • All employees have laptops and can work from home every day
  • IT infrastructure supports remote access that allows employees to work from alternative locations in a secure way
  • Logistics is in continuous contact with suppliers and partners to ensure a steady supply chain during these insecure times.
  • Employees are given instructions on good hand and cough etiquette to minimize spreading; hand sanitizers and plastic gloves are available in the warehouse of SAM Nordic.
  • Continuous updates to all employees are published regularly on SAM Nordic intranet pages.

This information is also published on our website If the development or the authorities’ announcements give rise to new measures, we will update the web page with information on it.

If you have questions or concerns to the above please do not hesitate to contact us:

Best regards,
Isabell Ahlén, CEO
SAM Nordic