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About SAM Nordic

Welcome to SAM Nordic - we provide personal service, radiopharmaceuticals and medical equipment for nuclear medicine

We distribute medical equipment and radiopharmaceuticals in the Nordic and Baltic region.

Our portfolio has a wide range of products. We offer both customized as well as standard solutions for nuclear medicine, PET and radiotheraphy departments. With 20 years of experience we feel confident that we work with the best suppliers and products.

At SAM Nordic we always try to help our customers, whom are mainly working in hospitals and hospital pharmacies, with fast and reliable service.

We are represented in Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway and the Baltics. Our headquarter is in Stockholm, Sweden. In 2011 we established a branch in Helsinki, which became an independent company (Oy) in 2014. Our Danish independent company (ApS) was established in 2013.

As the company grows we still strive to give each and every one of our customers a personal service including speedy and high quality communication.

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We proudly support

Children’s Cancer Foundation

SAM Nordic contribute yearly to Children’s Cancer Foundation (Barncancerfonden). Children’s Cancer Foundation is the largest single funder of childhood cancer research in Sweden.

This is an important cause for us, since children are the future. We feel confident that every donation will support research activities and progress. Childhood cancer is the most common cause of death in Sweden for children between one and fourteen years of age.

Children’s Cancer Foundation contributes to research and a better health and life situation for children and the families in their struggle against cancer.

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SAM Nordic is a proud sponsor of Totalskidskolan, a nonprofit association with a great love for skiing. They have a conviction that everybody who gets the chance to try skiing, will love it as well. There is no exception for persons with disabilities.

Totalskidskolan do not want it to cost more for persons with disabilities to practice their hobby or sport, such as skiing. Thanks to sponsors, financiers and business partners, they can continue their work to ensure that everyone is given the opportunity to practice their hobby, skiing.

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