Sponsorship and donations

SAM Nordic’s sponsorships and donations vary in nature, with the common purpose to support companies and organizations that conduct their business with great heart and dedication.

SAM Nordic is a company that operates within the pharmaceutical industry, focusing on cancer care. Therefore activities particularly in this area touch us warmly.


In addition to our sponsorship collaborations, we also support the Swedish Childhood Cancer Fund and Totalskidskolan.

Regarding our sponsorship guidelines, the collaboration should contribute to activities that benefit cancer patients.

About Ekeberg Perukmakeri

SAM Nordic is proud to support Ekeberg Perukmakeri, a company in Stockholm that specializes in making customized wigs for patients in cancer care. They use only genuine hair of the highest quality in their manufacturing. Each wig is uniquely tailor-made- personally made by hand. It takes three to six weeks to produce a wig. Ekeberg Perukmakeri is an approved supplier of hair replacement requisition through the Healthcare Administration, Stockholm County Council.

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The Swedish Childhood Cancer Fund

SAM Nordic contributes yearly to The Swedish Childhood Cancer Fund (Barncancerfonden). The Swedish Childhood Cancer Fund is the largest single funder of childhood cancer research in Sweden.

This is an important cause for us since children are the future. We feel confident that every donation will support research activities and progress. Childhood cancer is the most common cause of death in Sweden for children between one and fourteen years of age.

The Swedish Childhood Cancer Fund contributes to research and a better health and life situation for children and families in their struggle against cancer.

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SAM Nordic is a proud sponsor of Totalskidskolan, a nonprofit association with a great love for skiing. They have a conviction that everybody who gets the chance to try skiing, will love it as well. There is no exception for persons with disabilities.

Totalskidskolan does not want it to cost more for persons with disabilities to practice their hobby or sport, such as skiing. Thanks to sponsors, financiers, and business partners, they can continue their work to ensure that everyone is allowed to practice their hobby, skiing.

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