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KARℓ100 PET-Injector

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Customer: Vejle

Product: KARℓ100 dispenser with 2 Rad-Inject injector and 2 Rad-Inject stand.

Installation: 30 December 2012

Customer experience:

When looking for a Pet-Injector what was your need?
We choose KARℓ100 of course to minimize dose to the staff and because it allowed us to be more effective.

What was the main reasons why you choose Karl100?
We choose KARℓ100 because we did not need to move the injectionmachine between patients.

How it changed your workflow in the department?
The workflow is faster with KARℓ100 than with machines that you have to move for every injection.
With only one KARℓ100 we can handle patients from 3 PET/CT Scanners

KARℓ100 allowes us to load FDG several times a day in the same daily kit. we can handle a high number of GBq every day without having to open up Karl100 och exchange the daily kit.
//Lissi Kaspersen, Afdelningsbioanalystiker, Sygehuset Lillbaelt, Vejle, Denmark


Karl100 is the smallest and safest radiopharmaceutical dose administration system, with 4 major benefits:
Keeps radiopharmaceuticals sterile.
No risk of an overdose.

No hazardous manual operations.
On-line dosimetry monitoring.

Continue to use your standard shielded containers.
No limits for supplied activity concentrations.

Carry only 1Kg mini-injector!